Official Call for the “Educational Strike 2009″

The current conditions and developments within the education system are no longer acceptable! Worldwide more and more aspects of public life are being restructured and do not primarily serve the common good anymore. Instead, they are being subjected to the “forces of the market”.
For several years a focus has been put on the public education system to “reform” it as well: Tuition fees and privatisation efforts have an impact on all of us.

The current financial and economic crisis clearly shows that decisions solely based on competitive criteria have severe consequences.

In many countries, such as Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and Greece, people are protesting against them. The “Bildungsstreik 2009” (“educational strike 2009”) has to be seen in relation to this background.

Continuous protests within the past years against tuition fees and cuts in the social system obviously have had too little impact on the decisionmakers in the media, business and politics.

Consequently, we are calling for a federal educational strike and ask everyone to make use of their democratic right to resist these “reforms”.

Various forms of protest, such as demonstrations, blockades, occupations and the like, can and will be used. During the our week from June 15th until June 19th we will act united with pupils across Germany.

At the same time we are seeking collaborations with many social groups, such as unions and social movements, which we ask to protest with us, for we are facing the same policies everywhere – in university, school and labor.

The aim of the “Bildungsstreik” is to kick off a public discussion about the future of the education system. Furthermore, opportunities on how progressive and emancipatory educational and social politics can be implemented will be explored.

Opposing the dominating political and economic interests and their influences on the educational sector, we state as our demands and alternatives:

  • self-determined learning and living instead of rigid time frames, pressure to perform and competition pressure,
  • free access to public education and a ban on all sorts of fees, such as tuition, training and kindergarten fees,
  • a publicly funded education system, without economic actors being able to take influence on the content taught, structures and access to courses,
  • and the democratisation and strengthening of self-administration within all educational institutions.

We, the project group “Bildungsstreik 2009”, are calling for the creation of local and regional alliances. Get involved: another education system is possible – and urgently needed!

Project group “Bildungsstreik 2009“

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