Aus Bildungsstreik 2009

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First off, I want to start off saying that I use almost ALL SEO tools available on the market, so this isn't a biased/ass kissing review.

I will continue to use AMR, Extreme Wiki Poster, ScrapeBox, Rank Builder, SENuke, etc...

But I just have to add my two cents about this wonderful, AFFORDABLE tool.

  1. 1: It's pretty. Like it says in the demo video on the salespage, it doesnt have a bunch of windows that pop up while running the different modules. Its streamlined and easy to navigate. Quite literally, you could start this thing up and start using it right away, without any prior training/reading.

  1. 2: Its FAST! Very fast. It creates accounts and submits faster then I can go grab a beer or take a piss.

  1. 3: I can add sites to this thing! My favorite feature. Being a member of premium areas of forums and a member of the SErobot member area, I constantly come across large quality link lists to add to the program. Oh yeah, the members area/forum supplies additional links to add to the program.

  1. 4: Its built and used by members here at BHT, therefore quick support and a feel as if your on a team of "SERoboters"(if that makes any sense).

  1. 5: Its CHEAP! I am turned off by programs that I can't purchase a license out-right. Not a fan of subscription based applications but at $19.99 a month, with the personalized support and program features, Im no longer turned off.

I suggest if your here to download some new piece of software to help with your SE/backlinking campaigns, give SErobot a shot. You wont be dissappointed.

After purchasing and using this program, I jumped and yelled. Best $19 Ive spent in a long time.

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