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Guild Wars 2 may be the new kid on the MMORGP block, but it has quickly become incredibly popular, thanks in large part to the incredible number of options contained within the game. One of those options is the selection of a profession, and while there are many to choose from, who can really resist the opportunity to become an axe-wielding warrior? Before you make the decision to don the warrior armor and load up on weaponry, you might want to take a read through this brief little guide that will give you an idea of what to expect once you choose the warrior path.

While the warrior role in other RPG's usually means doing a little damage before getting an epic beat down from multiple attackers, the Guild Wars 2 warrior is a little hardier. The warrior profession is actually a pretty good option for solo players, as this character is definitely a lot more mobile than the armor would suggest. The ability to inflict specific damage depending upon the weapons sets you choose means that you can really get into fine detail about how you want to slaughter attacking hordes, but it also means that there is a bit of a learning curve required to master the profession.

The weapon sets can be mixed and matched to achieve maximum damage, with the ability to carry weapons in both hands, swing away two handed with larger weapons and even aquatic weapons all available to the warrior. The ability to change up weapons and attack techniques can make it difficult for your opponents to figure out your strategy when you engage in PvP combat. This can often mean springing the element of surprise, which is another reason why the Guild Wars 2 warrior is perfect for all different kinds of gameplay.

Your professional goal as a warrior is to become stronger by amassing adrenaline points. The more you fight, the stronger you become, and all without the use of performance enhancing drugs. Your adrenaline level will be displayed above your weapons skills and should be used as early as possible when you enter into combat. That additional surge of strength, combined with the multiple different weapon sets can give you a real advantage in combat situations. Try to fill up all three levels of adrenaline, as this will give you the ability to deliver all sorts of great weapons skills, such as Arcing Slice and Earthshaker.

There are multiple levels to work through as a warrior, with your goal being to make it to level 11, where you can start to accumulate trait points. There are a total of 70 trait points to be earned as you go from level 11 to level 80, with each one adding to your primary or secondary attributes. Strength, arms, defense, tactics, and discipline can all be improved by trait points, making you stronger as the game progresses. There is much more to learn about being a warrior in Guild Wars 2, but the best way to do so is to jump right in and enjoy the fun.

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