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                              Winchester Martial Art Learners Develop New Skills

It is a fact that unfortunately few of us will manage to make it through life without at least once facing a conflict situation that has the potential to turn violent. How we deal with these situations can be the difference between a quiet life and an existence in which flashpoints continually reoccur. The best way to deal with conflict is to ensure that it dissipates without becoming violent, but in a world where that is sometimes impossible, it is also important to be sure that you can deal with those that do become violent.

Many martial arts are about doing exactly that – the person best equipped to end a flashpoint situation peacefully is someone who can take the heat out of the situation. This might be through calm words and behaviour, and it might be through the deployment of physical technique. Either way, the best martial artist is the one who never needs to resort to outright violence to make peace. In the case of arts like Choi Kwang Do, a learner is geared towards learning principles of discipline and fitness. Winchester martial arts studios are reporting an increase in people looking to learn these.

An art such as Choi Kwang Do is not geared towards athletic competition, which immediately takes the sting out of it as a method of self-defence. Students learn that their best course of action is to leave aside the need to “beat” an opponent, but to bring a situation to an end without having to act violently. As Winchester Martial art teachers are aware, the key to Choi Kwang Do is learning to deal with a situation without having to get physically involved; but if it is necessary to involve oneself physically, to be able to do it cleanly and without losing control.

This is the secret to peaceful conflict resolution – knowing how to take the flash out of a potential flashpoint. While some people believe that a well-thrown punch will bring an end to a flashpoint, the truth is that when the first punch is thrown it simply makes it more likely that there will be others to follow it. The best way to stop a fight from breaking out is to show one's adversary that they have nothing to gain by getting violent, while they stand to lose at least their dignity if they persist in being aggressive.

In order to bring a flashpoint to a peaceful end, as well as learning important principles for their physical fitness Winchester martial arts students know that manners and self-discipline play much more of a part than physical size and brute force. The person who loses their temper is more likely to be the one who regrets engaging physically in most situations, and when one of the parties knows Choi Kwang Do it is they who are best equipped to stop an argument from becoming a fight. This is what makes it a martial art worth learning.

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