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For any great holiday in Greece, we recommend these optional excursions with Iuve Travel Agency when in Rhodes: Lindos - Throughout the tour you are going to visit the oldest city on the island. The city center can move only on foot or horseback up the ass. Below the bizarre shaped limestone rocks hiding sandy beaches. The principle attraction is Lindos Acropolis-temple of the goddess. Trip to Marmaris - Turkey is at a distance of only 18 km from Rhodes shores. Soon after 45 minute navigation, you get one on the most lovely resorts of Turkey, Marmaris. Here you will discover sandy beaches, yacht harbor in an avalanche center with shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, along with a fantastic buying center! Come with us and negotiate for items! It is fun! Boat trip for the island of Kos - The port city of Rhodes embark on the boat. On the southern shore will be the island?s capital, Halasama - sanctuary of the god Asclepius. You can delight in the dish named Hippocrates, 12 m higher and more than 500 years old. Right now, in the holy location towering stands a monastery. Don't forget to go to the temple of Dionysus and the so-called ?Roman house? with its popular mosaics dating from 3-rd century. Price information: Lindos: approximate. 22 EUR / person; Boat trip in Marmaris: approximate. 53 EUR / individual; Boat trip into Kos: approximate. 48 EUR / individual; Greek Night: approximate. 36 EUR / individual Inclusion of those trips are created on website. The trips are organized through the neighborhood companion agency Neckermann. Rhodes Town - The perfect mixture of past and present. The city is surrounded by 4 km long wall, and finds the city center Knights. Inside the walls you are able to discover mosques and minarets, evidence of Ottoman occupation. Italian influences from the city are found in palaces adorned or precise buildings. Inside the central market place and bazaar shops are strung. Stroll amongst ancient walls and go to the port where you can board the ship and go to any of your neighboring islands or Turkey.

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