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Your family recommended home care. You’ve heard Medicare will pay for it if you go with a certain kind of agency. What kind’s that. Is it the one you need? What is home care anyway.

Home care actually isn’t as confusing as it seems. You just need to understand a few aspects, and soon, you’ll be on your way to picking the agency that’s right for you. There are two basic types of home care skilled home health-care and nonmedical care. You may need one or both.

Skilled in home health care consists of services provided by a licensed professional such as a nurse or therapist. It’s also called skilled nursing care and medical home care. Services include intermittent visits for things like dressing changes; medication education; and physical, speech or occupational therapy.

Nonmedical home care, which is what Preferred Care at Home provides, encompasses other types of help. It’s also known as personal eldercare support services, private-duty care and custodial care. Sometimes it offers just homemaker companion care. Often, people who need skilled home health-care also need nonmedical home care

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