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Trader Linker is all about you and your interests regarding trading activities

Trader Linker is not your typical Blogs builder, as Blogger or Wordpress, but a platform that specializes in trading, business for traders and seeking talented traders through our social networks for traders.

All over dozens of millions of financial blogs swindle people with recommendations, which has never executed by them, selling trading courses with no evidence of profitability, and Home Traders looking for seed capital without success, have been the trigger to create Trader Linker.

"Put Your Money where you put your Mouth"

If you are even a novice trader or professional trader looking for your own trading community or just join one of the existents, where you can blog, share your trades, share your strategies and debate, to improve your trading through our trading tools, TraderLinker is your site.

If you are a professional trader, looking for selling trading education, trading signals or trading systems, and you are willing to audit your trading to be a "Trusted Trader" and give your Customers a high confidence level TraderLinker is your site.

If you are a talented trader, looking for seed capital, TraderLinker is your site. We offer Capital program up to $1,000,000

With Our unique TraderID, all your activity in ALL communities will be tracked.

Statistics, posts, comments, all we need to select you as a talented trader to manage our money.

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