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[Bearbeiten] Quench your thirst with a detailed description of war ranks and armory

Though nevertheless quite brutal, war holds a certain charm for certain people; people who have walked in the fields of blood and seen death up close. There are others who cringe at the name of the battle but are oddly attracted to all the related merchandise, to the shields and bows, coat of arms and armors, etc. In addition, many amongst us like to collect war items solely out of an indefinable confusion which is broadly known by the name of 'hobby'.

What is Heraldry?

With remarkable advances in technology, cyber world is prospering at an alarming rate. Literally a million websites are being launched every day, making it easier for the people to educate themselves or, if the time allows, indulge in leisure. Type any word in a search engine; with just one click you will get countless related links, guiding you perfectly in the right direction.

Fire up your laptop and let your mind swim in the vastness of electronic knowledge; you will no doubt come across every tiny detail you need. Several web pages very efficiently touch the basics of battle tools, describing heraldry in great detail which, in simple terms, is the science of coats of arms. It is basically a profession that deals with studying thoroughly the foundations of the arms, their creation and modifications. The people belonging to heraldic sphere are competent at writing blazon, to the extent of being termed as the paradigms of the area. They are among the panel when the arms are bestowed upon an officer and using their knowledge and insight can even vote against it or question the officer's eligibility for the rank in question.

heraldry without a shield is pretty hollow. They are the crux of every fight, as important as the swords. Not only do they play a role during an encounter with enemies but also help in recognizing the designation of the army officer carrying it. Tinctures covering the shields give them a whole new meaning and a name and usually relate to one or more of the ancient gods. Various badges, the prestige of a flag, different hues of coats and their significance are equally important fragments of a well-fought battle and each and every one of these is of immense historic significance.

Every achievement is in the record

Undoubtedly you will find detailed records of all the families every to lay feet in the armorial domain of the world. Almost every country has a vast online directory of their war heroes, stacked in a systematic order for easy reference and reading. You can even track your favorite soldier right back to his forefathers by the great genealogical trees sneaking away online; all you need to do is search in the respective alphabetical category, wait for the results to load and then click on the option you were searching. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always leave a message to the website consulters who then get back to you in due course of time. Struggling to understand the complexity of war ranks? Looking for a complete list of French heroes? Visit for details.

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