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[Bearbeiten] The best destinations to rent Welsh Cottages

It appears that no matter where you begin your holiday in Wales, you can't get away from the sheer charm and serenity of this much forgotten, stunning part of the British Isles. Idling by its' stunning beaches and coastline, or ambling up its' mountains, or simply staring at its' magnificent waterfalls, one is just gob-smacked by the exquisite landscape that mother nature decided to bestow on this hitherto forgotten cornerstone of this planet.

Being spoilt for choice, it is not easy to prefer one specific area over another but listed below are the Top 3 most significant sites that I feel Wales has to offer the family holiday seeker or the more adventurist tourist alike.

1. Anglesey

Anglesey, the largest of the Welsh islands, is is recognized as "the island of romance." It is the resting place of Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh Saint Valentine and patron saint of lovers. It is also home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, more commonly known as Kate and Will to you and I. This can be the perfect holiday destination in Wales for any couple, especially those in search of a quiet, ravishingly beautiful area to spend their first week or two as husband and wife. Hiring a cottage here gives you the privacy you desire and usually includes all those creature comforts of home. Here you are almost always never far from the beach, for those idyllic sunset strolls. The South Stack Lighthouse is definitely a must do. Perched right on the edge of the cliff, it's a fantastic place for ambling along, birds and coast watching. It's worth carrying a pair of binoculars and a windproof jacket along.

2. Harlech

If you have a more substantial family, a cottage in Harlech is the ideal area for you. During your stay here, visit Harlech Castle, situated on top of a rocky outcrop. One of the greatest castles ever constructed by King Edward I, its purpose would have been to enforce his rule on his Welsh subjects. The seaward side supplies the most charming view of the cliffs. Golf lovers within your family will like the many golf courses to choose from, while "beach babies" will enjoy the mere, 10-minute walk from your cottage to the sparkling blue water of the lovley beaches near you.

3. Solva

The village of Solva offers many activities for tourists looking for a lot more than just rest and relaxation. Renting a cottage here offers the finest of both worlds. You can find your perfect private home away from home, hidden away from the rest of the world. The Pembrokeshire Coastal Pathway, provides a stunning panoramic view of the harbour spanning before you. Plan your day carefully, as there is much that you should experience. Visit Solva Pottery and Antiques, or stop of at the Swinfield Gallery and get a unqiue painting capturing the essence of Pembrokeshire's summer evenings and winter storms. If you want boating, rent a sail boat from Solva Sailboats and set off on the open seas. When hunger strikes, visit Thirty Five Main Street and experience everything from sandwiches to fine dining.

Wales has so many marvellous attractions that doesn't just boast of its beauty, but absolutely warms the cockles of your heart too. Its' incredible history seems to permeate its very surroundings. Hiring Welsh Cottages in any of the featured top 3 locations above will probably give you just a mere hint of what this wonderful little principality has to offer and leave you begging for more.

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