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[Bearbeiten] Avoid Credit Card Theft

Credit card theft is a more common crime, but many carriers of Visa or MasterCards have fallen prey to skimming - a high tech form of stealing money from your credit card. It's actually not uncommon for people to lose money from their debit, credit, or prepaid MasterCard simply because the terminal they ran their card through was set up to skim money from their account.

Card skimmers can be installed just about anywhere, as they are a simple magnetic stripe that can be placed on top of the magnetic stripe of a regular ATM or mastercard prepaid cards reader. When your card is swiped, the skimmer reads it first - after which the terminal reads it. When you grant access to the account, the skimmer is able to get into your bank account and make out with a bit of cash. The live numbers from your bank account are stolen, and the thieves can access your information at their leisure.

But short of getting MasterCards or a prepaid MasterCard with total security, what can you do to avoid this type of credit card theft?

Be Wary of Gas Stations -- Interestingly enough, a lot of the skimming going on in recent years has been at gas stations. There are many people that swipe their cards at the pumps, and it's a simple matter to insert the skimming magnetic stripe on top of the regular stripe. When people swipe their cards, their information is stolen by the gas station attendant that installed it. It's important that you are careful when at gas stations, and always pay inside. It may be inconvenientprepaid master card, but it's just safer.

Watch Out at ATMs --ATMs are just as good for skimming money off your MasterCards or prepaid MasterCard as a gas station pump, simply because they are left unattended. Many ATMs have cameras, but the cameras aren't always able to pick up the installation of the skimmers. If you absolutely have to pull money out in seconds, make sure you're at an ATM you can trust. If not, go inside the bank or use the "cash back" option on your MasterCards.

Protect Your PIN -- No matter where you are, always make sure that your PIN number is protected and blocked from view whenever you enter it into the ATM or terminal. You have to use your free hand to block the view of your typing hand, and interpose your body between anybody behind you and the machine. If there is a camera around, make sure that it can't pick up on your typing. It is the only way to be safe when pulling money from your pre pay mastercard.

Buy from Trusted Companies -- If you are paying for groceries, you usually are buying from Wal-Mart or other large supermarkets that you can trust. However, when you shop for smaller-ticket items at boutiques or stores that you don't frequent, you can't be sure that you're not dealing with skimming. You would do well to only buy from companies you can trust, or use cash if you have to buy from someone else.These tips above are going to help you prevent skimming as best you can, but the truth is that it's often unavoidable. However, this is why credit cards exist, as there is little risk of your money being stolen!

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