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[Bearbeiten] What's the Difference Between Spec and Shooting Scripts?

Do you know the difference between a spec script and a shooting script? If you're going to try your hand at script writing, it's important that you understand the difference between the two. You'll probably have to write a number of each, so you have to know what they are.

Shooting Script -- A shooting script is a script that has already been screened, vetted, and approved, and you are using it as a the blueprints to write the movie script. The script has been rewritten from its original, but you are now turning it into the script that the actors and directors will use when filming to movie. Spec Script -- This is the original script, the one created in order to sell the story idea to the TV or movie studio. You, the budding screenwriter, will write this script "on speculation" that you can sell it to a company that wants to produce it, and it is your entry into the world of script writing. It is the basic script, and it will go through a total overhaul by the movie company.

Differences Between Spec and Shooting Scripts

Scene Numbers -- One of the things that you can find in shooting scripts is scene numbers. This will tell the actors and the directors where they are the movie, and it is absolutely necessary to help them keep on track as they film. Spec scripts, on the other hand, should not have any scene numbers. You can use the numbers to help you keep track of the length of your Script Writer, but take them out of the final product before handing it in.

Title Page --The title page on the spec script will have the name of the author, the title of the movie, and contact information for you - the writer. For shooting script writing, you're going to have to include the names of the writers that edited and reworked the script, the dates of the various drafts and revisions, the names and contact information of the producers, and the copyright notices for the script.

Title Sequences -- When spec script writing, you shouldn't mention anything about credits or title sequences. Your goal is just to produce a brilliant opening, as that will help to sell the script. Only once your script has been greenlit and purchased by a studio will you want to include the ideas for the credit or title sequence - though you may want to leave that up to the title sequence professionals.

Camera Directions -- For spec script writing, you don't have to worry about the camera. It will only be included in the shooting script as an instructional for the director. However, spec scripts just contain the story, so focus on making it the best possible story.Are you a budding screenplay writer that has a masterpiece you want to get out to the world? can help you to spread the word, get the funding you need, and put your script into the right hands.

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