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[Bearbeiten] ProhormoneSupplements - What you should know about them

The human body, speaking in the tongue of literature, is an assortment of the most astonishing type, functioning through the self-production of substances, becoming taller and shorter with the years; the brain itself is a land of the grooves and mines where marvels and miracles take place. Science, however, uses a different telescope. It states that the function of the human mind and body, though nothing short of a miracle, is quite explainable. The two entities work in reciprocal harmony through the feedback loops that have been created by nature inside us; these loops prevent excess or shortage of any hormone in our body, and thus keep our functions in a controlled range. Once the role of hormones became clear to science, the doctors and scientists considered using them to the advantage of mankind; thus hormone supplement medicines came into the market.

Hormones have an earlier form in the stages of its production and that form is called the Prohormone. A Prohormone is simply the hormone with a few unnecessary attachments which have to be cleaved to release the hormones for the functions to occur. These Prohormones are what is found in the hormonal supplements available in the market. They come in both oral and injectable forms, with the oral form being more popular, given the easy route of self administration. Once they gain access into the body, they are converted to the active hormonal form which penetrates the cells and exerts significant effects on the protein synthesis there. Such prohormone supplements are popular among athletes and sportsmen and women since they enhance muscle protein production, giving a larger muscle mass, and thus a better exceptional performance in the body. Most of these prohormones are actually testosterone and other anabolic steroids; apart from hypertrophy of the muscles, they also increase blood hemoglobin levels so that more oxygen can be carried by the blood.

However, popular as they were and are, and however effective they proved themselves to be, FDA has banned many of them in view of the side effects they cause. For one, they form the basis of doping test: an athlete who is using these drugs to enhance his performance is now officially entitled to a lawsuit and can be banned from sports for life. For another, the uncontrolled use of these drugs is not recommended. Larger amounts of testosterone mean more estrogen production in the body, leading to gynecomastia. Moreover, they cause acne and baldness, and more importantly, prostatic hyperplasia, leading to worse forms of BPH in older age.

Having said all this, it must be mentioned that FDA still approves some of these supplements. Anyone who wishes to go on these medicines should check whether the drug is appropriately recommended or not. Not all the drugs will have dire effects, and not all have been banned from the markets. So, if you are a fan of bodybuilding and masculine body, and want to have one, there are many legal suggestions to explore. For more information, just click on the link: prohormone supplements

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