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[Bearbeiten] What are Digi-Cards?

Digi-Cards are custom download cards. They host any kind of content which is stored on our secure servers, allowing the end user to download or stream: music, videos, photos, ringtones, books, documents and much more. Digi-Cards are a tool that physically resembles a credit card. They are fully customizable, affordable and compatible with all computers, cell phones, tablets, smart phones and other devices on the market.

About Digi-Cards

Digi-Cards came to life in 2004 in the United States under a worldwide patent that is pending. The Digi-Cards system is a revolutionary method that delivers content through a download card, database management and integrated solutions that apply to any specific industry. Digi-Cards have the ability to ship its variety of products all over the world. The worldwide headquarters are based in Miami, Florida.

The variety of content that our clients can offer to customers makes Digi-Cards the number one tool used to develop the most effective marketing strategies, distribute multimedia and advertising campaigns on the market. It is the best way to sell, promote and distribute your electronic product, content and business information. For all these reasons Digi-Cards are considered "The Most Powerful and innovative download cards in the World!

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