Common Mistakes of a Teen Driver & the Importance of Parental Guidance

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The fatality rate of drivers, whose age group is between 16 and 19, is four times higher than those who are between 25 and 29.

Common Mistakes a Teen Driver Make:

Over Speed: This is the first & the foremost mistake every Teen driver indulges in. Teenagers do not like to drive within the limits. Even though they know the rules well they do not recognize their importance in its full depth. They love to take risks not realizing much that they are leading straight to death. Nearly 40% of the car accident deaths are due to over speed.

Unexpected Events: A , Teen driver easily gets irritated whenever he comes across something in front of him unexpectedly. He tends to swerve immediately to avoid being hitting and that leads him to lose control. Teen driver easily get disturbed even by small things inside or outside the car as well.

Poor Judgement: The inexperience of teenagers leads them to take wrong judgements which are fatal. In situations that requires cool handling; they get anxious and do what they are not supposed to do.

Transporting friends: Driving with friends leads to all types of mistakes a teen can or should avoid. Taking risks, over speed driving, face to face conversation, showing off, not wearing seat belts, using cell phones, eating, drinking and listening to music with headphones, all these things happen while going with friends.

Safe Driving with Parental Involvement:

Even though teens are intelligent and bright students in school that does not mean that they are safe on the road. Getting proper traffic education, passing all the driving tests and having the learner’s license are just a start to be on the safer side on the road. All the theoretical knowledge and the practical training, they underwent are not sufficient for safe driving. This doesn’t guarantee you to be safe on the roads. There is a gap to be filled and that can be done only by parent’s involvement.

● A parent or a guardian must guide their teens and get ensured about their driving knowledge and about the prevailing state laws for driving. ● Tell them all the traffic rules and regulations, and also about the traffic signs they come across on the roads and highways. ● Take them on a drive on the passenger’s seat and teach them about each and every small aspect of a safe driving. ● You can also note down the mistakes they often do and teach them how to deal with it. Let them practice those silly points not once or twice but till they master’s on it. ● Give the steering in your teens hand only when you are 100% sure that they have overcome their mistakes, gain the driving maturity, and know all the driving tips & tricks. It is very much necessary to get them practice as long as possible on the road within your guidance.

Overall, it’s good for the teen to be extra cautious while driving and have confidence of handling a long and huge 4 wheeler. A good Teen driver program followed by parental supervision is the best thing for all teen drivers to get enough experience to go alone or with friends on a long drive. For more information just visit :

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