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Do you wish to have the most reliable Broadband Provider for your home or business? Are you looking for a professional Internet service provider that can help solve all your Internet service problems? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Cyberonic Internet Communications has been a leading Internet service provider since 1998. Using the latest technology and techniques, Cyberonic offers IP services to thousands of customers nationwide.

We provide a wide range of high quality internet services and cover nearly every sector, including department stores, national restaurant chains, government, residential, and many others. Our services include broadband access, comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions, video surveillance and commercial DirecTV.

Cyberonic’s fast and affordable broadband services include wireless, cable, satellite, DSL, Ethernet over Copper, T1, T3 and more. We have a wide variety of services available because we work with a wide variety of carriers. Cyberonic offers affordable wireless rural broadband where DSL and Cable are not available. This allows us to choose the lowest cost service that fits your needs at any given location. Choose Cyberonic and we’ll help you find the best balance between speed, cost and reliability!

In addition to our broadband services, Cyberonic also provides WiFi solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Multi-Unit Housing and more. Our Wi-Fi products will provide a high quality browsing experience so that you can engage your guests and keep them coming back. Cyberonic's engineers will custom design your network using technologies such as QoS (Quality of Service), load balancing, advanced prioritized packet routing, and network stress testing, all of which help to achieve perfect network optimization.

In November of 2012, Cyberonic introduced our Smarter Video Surveillance product at IHMRS 2012 and became an Editor's Choice Award Finalist. The use of IP cameras in conjunction with Cyberonic’s management software allows for smarter video surveillance, aiding businesses in loss prevention, making improvements to in-store marketing, customer traffic flow analysis, and workforce optimization. Cyberonic has developed software interfaces to work with POS and PMS systems to monitor, and prevent loss and shrinkage. Cyberonic video management software will allow text insertion from POS and PMS systems, and will give you many search and alert options when transactions occur. Cyberonic’s IP camera system provides secure transmission of video to anywhere in the world via the Internet and allows you to easily manage multiple cameras from one remote location.

For more details please contact us on 888-929-2372 or simply log on to: /

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