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Talavage and his colleagues performed neurocognitive testing with the ImPACT concussion (wstrz�s m�zgu objawy) screening tool and functional MRI scans on 21 high school football players before the start of the 2009 season. Throughout the season, all players wore sensors in their helmets that indicated the direction and intensity of any collisions to the head during practices or games.

In retrospect, "headfirst" was probably an unwise strategy, considering that football heads like Reeves' were not yet helmeted. In what was the sport's infancy, players actually believed they could protect their heads simply by growing their hair long.

New and challenging activities make for great brain exercise. Most adults have already developed millions of neural pathways that enable us to process information and solve problems. But as we grow older, we are also less likely to encounter new situations that will help us expand our neural networks. As sound therapy helps activate new neural pathways, brain exercises can do the same. It's important that you choose activities that are novel to you, as familiar activities are usually less intellectually demanding. Similarly, these activities should require a bit of mental effort on your part, so try to choose activities that are personally challenging such as learning a new language, playing a new musical instrument, or joining a new sport.

Concussion is usually an expression that is certainly often bandied with regards to simple set effects, which sometimes the effect resulted to a severe brain problem. But there is no serious happening in your brain.

When your brain is injured, the process of reaction with the stimulus from the body is becoming too slow. Brain activities are affected because brain controls everything from the sense of smell, touch, sight and many others. When your brain is in trouble, your other body parts are also affected.

And running backs and receivers diving for extra yards frequently get kneed in the head - as Westbrook did - by onrushing defenders. Not surprisingly, these repetitive convulsive acts can have a dangerous cumulative effect.

Even though proper equipment significantly cuts down a motorcyclist's chance of a traumatic brain injury, it is not foolproof. Riders must stay aware of other factors that could lead to a motorcycle accident involving a traumatic brain injury. Before each ride, motorcyclists are encouraged to check their equipment and bikes for troubles; adjust the suspension and tire pressure of the motorcycle when carrying a passenger; wear boots, gloves and other protective gear; and adjust for changing road conditions.

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