Dubai Company Formation – Detailed Guide

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Whilst Dubai and neighbouring Emirates’ economy continues to advance, considerable number of investors and companies are interested to spread out their international presence by looking United Arab Emirates as their second business space. Abu Dhabi and Dubai offers wealth of benefits ranging from no tax, eased transfer of capital and technology, low communication costs, availability of skilled work-force and complete hundred percent ownership to foreign investors. Whilst company formation in Dubai is relatively easier, expatriate investors and companies may need to understand the basic business and regulatory system and type of companies they can establish in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hamriyah or in Sharjah and the rest of the Arab Emirates. Business Registration in UAE can be quite easier for investors and companies provided they take obtain legal advice and counsel from popular Dubai law firms in the region.

Any entity contemplating a starting a business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE must primarily gain an understanding the important difference between working in local markets as opposed to working in a free trade zone. To be able to manage business within the Dubai local markets, businessmen have the option to incorporate a limited liability company in UAE which requires fiftyone percent of shares in such LLC to be owned by a local UAE citizen. Companies engaged in professional services and wanting to incorporating their organization in local markets can own 100 per cent share capital in the professional company with a condition that they hire services of a local agent.

Free-zone incorporation in Dubai or Hamriyah allows expatriate businesses and investors to own and control one hundred percent shares in such free-zone company or establishment. The condition however is that a free-zone company cannot transact business outside the territory of the free-zone. The UAE has several free zones in Dubai such as Dubai Media City, Dubiotech, Dubai International Academic City, and Jumeriah Lake Towers. Investors also have the option to incorporate a free-zone in Sharjah and these include Hamriya and Sharjah Airport free zone.

Most of the freezones are open for trading facilities, the only exception is the DIFC which is considered as a financial free zone and is open for banking institutions, banking and financial institutions, hedge funds, insurance companies and retail companies.

The corporate and commercial law regime of the United Arab Emirates is concise and clear enough to address controlled foreign corporation or CFC related concerns. controlled foreign corporation or CFC is a corporate entity which may have been incorporated and manages and operates businesses in a different places than the residency of operating shareholders.

Controlled Foreign Corporation or Foreign Affiliate in UAE is advisable and advantageous for American companies since cost of company incorporation in Dubai is quite less.

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