Green Coffee Bean Extract the Next Big Thing

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In the twenty first century, coffee is recognized world wide. Many retailer’s shops and wholesales are contributing to its popularity. It is sold in those shops and it is the main substitute of tea. Coffee is mostly served instead of tea in many western countries. Many people know it as a dark brown seed. However, coffee is a white green seed. The seeds are found inside red berries. The berries are harvested and opened to retrieve the white seeds. The white seeds are then roasted to give it its dark brown color that it is widely known of. Many years ago, coffee beans were prepared without roasting. However, this did not last long due to its luck of taste and flavor. The taste and flavor that it has after roasting, is the main reason why coffee lovers keep coming up for more. Roasting the seed gives it its fantastic aroma and slightly bitter taste. As years went by, green coffee bean extract is being introduced to the world again. Let us elaborate more about the meaning of green bean extract and its benefits before discussing more about green coffee bean extract.

What is the difference between green coffee extract and dark black coffee seeds?

We have discussed the process of preparing dark brown coffee seeds above. The difference between the two comes about during the process of preparing the coffee seeds. Instead of roasting the seeds, green coffee bean are not roasted. The white seeds are harvested from the red berries and soaked in water without roasting. The reason why they are soaked is to make them concentrate to create the extract. That is the main reason why it is called green coffee extra.

Green coffee Benefits

There are so many speculations about green coffee extract side effects in human bodies. Some are positive while others are negative. We are going to learn more on the positive side effects. The main reason is due to the fact that none of positive side effects have been proven true yet. Media have argued that coffee beans cause cancer but they have failed to prove this statement. However, Asian Scientists and Dr Oz have done research and experiments and they have come up with the following benefits that the seeds can offer to our body.

•Coffee seeds have a chemical called chlorogenic acid. This chemical is well known to speed up metabolism process in the body. An increase in metabolism process in human beings result to rapid fat burn in the body. Therefore this statement proves that green coffee bean extract helps in weight loss.

•Coffee seeds also contain antioxidant. Chlorogenic work hand in hand with antioxidants, to prevent glucose from being released into the blood. The side effect of this is that it will help block cellulite that builds up on the body.

•The coffee seeds also help in slowing ageing process in human beings.

Green coffee bean extract has all these benefits while dark black coffee bean does not. This is true because, roasted coffee bean reduces the chemical called chlorogenic in the coffee seeds, which is the most important acid which performs the above mentioned tasks in our body.

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