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The history of blogging seem like other 'History of'-- not extremely interesting. Yet blog sites, an online platform where people share info and viewpoints, provide a few of the most exciting checks out today. Hundreds of millions of blog sites about politics, company and entertainment exist on the World Wide Web, how do you choose whiches to read?

For lots of African readers, browsing for the most up to date 'gist', chatter and star news, it's an easy selection. The Linda Ikeji blog is now a household name and unquestionably one of the most rewarding, frequently controversial and exciting, blog sites in Africa. The blog writer behind the medium, Linda Ikeji, is herself a remarkable female.

How she turned a when odd practice into a cash making machine and has actually efficiently sustained it considering that 2006 is a testament to the dedication it takes to be an entrepreneur an innovative industry. Linda shares easily today how she makes millions doing what she loves-- blogging. In her characteristic laid-back writing style, she says "Now I don't chase money any longer ... it chases me.".

When radio speaker freely said she was not a function model, hers is a rags to riches tale that arised in the middle of debate. In feedback, Linda shared her story which was deeply personal with noteworthy company lessons.

Linda Ikeji, a native of Nkwerre in Imo State, Nigeria, was born in 1980 to a struggling household, the second of seven children. From as very early as 10 years of ages, Linda was writing. The fiction she penned down were applauded by her family and friends and over time she cultivated an interest for information. Unlike numerous young adults her age, Linda liked enjoying interviews and newscasters and by the time the possibility presented to attend university in Lagos, her course option was decided: Mass Communication.

She was confessed to research English in college to her disappointment, but she chose to make the best of it. To support herself and her household with college, Linda began working at the age of 17, doing everything from waitressing and ushering to modelling and bartending, none of which paid a lot in the late 90s.

It wasn't simple however I needed to make it through". Linda worked hard, she was figured out to prosper and become a journalist, her lifelong dream. In her 2nd year of university nonetheless, she experienced a defining moment where she decided that would influence the rest of her life, particularly her choices on avenues for making money.

Being a stunning model with growing popularity, Linda was approached by numerous rich guys looking for sexual favors in exchange for cash-- an usual practice in numerous higher organizations. These men provided fast access to the simple way of living that was so treasured amongst university girls yet excluded many from poor backgrounds. For an ambitious occupation female and business owner, the quick cash held deep appeal.

Yet Linda had actually chosen early on never ever to give her body in exchange for money so when the temptation came, starving, desperate Linda, fighting household pressures to send cash, was able to withstand. Following her experience with virtually jeopardizing her worths, she renewed her commitment to effort and living with self-respect no matter the scenarios.

After college she strove to break into the journalism trade, launching her media business, Blackdove Communications, a modelling firm and occasions management clothing. She likewise started exactly what she explains in her first ever article as her "true interest", her magazine called, FM & B. The first concern was launched in 2006 and after finding how capital-intensive and time-consuming magazine posting was, just 2 more editions made it to print.

Thankfully, because same year, Bella Naija, an additional popular Nigerian blog site, carried a tale about Linda herself and for the first time, Linda began to see a brand-new possibility to take her writing to the world. Blogging had all the charm: it was free other than for the expense of a web connection, easy to do and provided you access to millions of readers immediately. From that first Bella Naija blog, she was sold.

7 years later, Linda Ikeji's blog is balancing in between than fifty and one hundred thousand check outs every day from numerous nations. In truth, the blog has become a melting pot for Nigerians based at home and in the diaspora. Mentioning how others can turn something as non-traditional as blogging into a multi-million naira business, Linda said "You need to love blogging. Since I desire to make money, you can't state I desire to blog.

It takes a stepping stone to obtain there. There more than a thousand blog sites, but exactly what will make people delight in seeing your blog site depends on the efforts you put into it. Be enthusiastic about it, be consistent, do not blog when or twice in a week, blog site everyday if you can, enjoy it, and like it." Her insight is on par with the words of lots of excellence coaches and creative giants-- enjoy what you do and you will never have to work an additional day in your life.

Although Linda started her business as a pastime, did it for four years prior to making any money and had no set goals for it at the start, she's taking advantage of every possibility that comes her way. Her blog creates millions of naira every year from advertisements run by companies and Linda has actually slowly moved into an industry she calls 'inspirational writing'.

Discussing her first book It Takes You, Linda said "I hope more than anything else that everyone who reviews this book finds out something from it. I hope it alters their perception of some things and more than anything else I hope it inspires them to head out there and make something of themselves".

The cash she earns has not just ended her household has but struggles brought her great impact in the show business and among young individuals. To her credit, her influence has been a force for modification.

By mobilising hundreds of readers in her online area, Linda had the ability to provide a voice to Blessing Effiong, a girl who had been apprehended for four years in jail without a trial. Four months after the story was reported on the blog, Blessing walked out of prison with her flexibility, grateful to all her advocates consisting of Linda Ikeji.

The story of Linda Ikeji, Nigeria's most popular blogger, shows that you can develop worth, and therefore a business and impact, from whatever you're passionate about; as well as when controversy abounds, there are lots of opportunities to do great.

Whether you agree with her tactics and material or not, we have to hand it to Linda, she has captivated, engaged, influenced and prompted Nigerians for 7 years doing exactly what she likes best. She has turned blogging into a rewarding company and shows no indicator of stopping.

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