Problems Encountered by Nigerian Entrepreneur and Possible Solutions

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Business or Management Consulting is the practice of helping organizations solve issues so regarding enhance their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. It is an international business worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wherever companies exist, there is a need for Business Consultants. This is likewise real for Nigeria, Africa's many populated nation with a populace of over 170 million (July 2012 est. from CIA World Factbook).

Business Consulting in Nigeria is thriving particularly for multinational offices like Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), KPMG, Accenture and Deloitte Consulting.Sophisticated Girly Essentials Nonetheless, most of small company owners in Nigeria do not have the capacity to engage these huge multinational companies and need professional advice to maintain and develop their businesses.

This leaves a huge need space that is yet to be filled. There is an urgent need for little but highy-skilled and capable business specialists to service small companies. So what does it take to be an effective Small Business Consultant (SBC) in Nigeria?

First, you have to have the understanding- your organization most have actually the needed proficiency and proficiency on the best ways to begin, develop and sustain a successful company within the Nigerian environment.

Flexibility is likewise crucial; the economic environment in Nigeria is really dynamic with numerous policy somersaults and incongruities by the government, long-lasting planning becomes difficult nay almost an impossible job. Nonetheless, by focusing on attaining essential success turning points within a short period of time, small companies can expand at a stable and sluggish rate whilst government remains to discover from its previous mistakes and becomes more consistent with policy formula and execution.

In view of the unforeseeable nature of the Nigerian economy, SBCs need to be creative by conceptualizing company concepts and processes for their customers that will allow them make the most of Nigeria's big market. , if there is one thing that makes Nigeria attractive as a business destination it is its large populace; this provides numerous chances that can be beneficially used.


Proficiency of the socio-cultural environment in Nigeria is also vital for SBCs as Management practices that have actually been successful in various other nations may not necessarily work in Nigeria due to cultural as well as religious factors. In such circumstances, imported Management practices have actually to be adapted to fit the neighborhood culture as opposed to it being adopted without adjustment.

Outstanding client service is an essential device for SBCs in Nigeria as it is for other business and in other component of the world. Nigerians are people who value exceptional service and heading out of your means to exceed your clients' expectations is an excellent method to promote your consultancy business.

The opportunities for SBCs are excellent in Nigeria and I expect an excellent explosion in their numbers in the next few years with millions of dollars in income building up to them for their services.

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