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This is why stretch marks often occur during pregnancy, when a man or woman has gained a lot of weight or all of a sudden has a growth spurt in their height. Many people think that stretch marks can never be treated. You can use Tretinoin cream also and it stimulates the growth of your bodiess natural production as well. And if you think that only women are the victims of stretch marks, you are wrong! Losing weight can unfortunately result in stretch marks weather or not you were pregnant. There are ways to prevent stretch marks from appearing, but you have to consult with your doctor first, before heading on to it. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a naturally occurring healing agent and is great for repairing skin tears that are seen when stretch marks occur. There are many treatments that claim to solve this problem. Start by reading product reviews, client testimonials, customer reviews and most of all check out the companies reputation and return policy. Natural Creams to Reduce and Remove Striae Bio stretch mark creams are striae solutions made from natural extracts that are proven to help avoid and eliminate the ugly marks on your skin. If a cream has worked for the maximum number of people that you know of, chances are it will work for you also. liked skinception stretch mark reducer remover removal cream heretofore stretch marks laser removal - Read Significantly more - Think about an ordinary elastic garter being stretch just one too many times. In addition, the neem leaves also known as Azadoracta indica is an active drug to produce ground breaking results for stretch mark removal. Laser rays work best on marks that are red or brown in color. What are Stretch Marks? Vitamin E specifically prevents rapid oxidation in the body that ultimately causes aging. With many improvements in technology relating to laser surgery, dermabrasion can be a good method to rid of stretch marks. Nutritional deficiency can also produce stretch marks. This approach can be very effective in fading or lessening the effect of your stretch marks, without breaking your budget. What You Should Know - Although this type of method is effective in removing old or aged stretch marks, the healing time is longer and the costs are higher as well.

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