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You may pay a high cost for not having landlord insurance. However, knowing what coverage to get can be confusing because you want sufficient coverage without paying too much. It doesn't have to be painful to be effective. If you are willing to try these simple tips, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Before talking to a claims adjustor, get quotes from contractors in your area. If you have to make some emergency repairs, keep all your receipts. Also, keep track of money you spend on hotels while your home is being repaired, as these costs may be reimbursable.

While you are hunting insurance policies, put in a word about your existing security system when speaking with different firms. You can get lower rates by having a security systems installed in your home.

When you comparison shop for landlord insurance, make sure you let insurers know you have installed a security system at your house. Installing central security systems that go off whenever a burglar enters a home or a fire occurs can significantly decrease your premiums by 5% every month!

Paying off your mortgage can save you a lot of money on landlord insurance. You will likely be viewed by the insurer as someone who will take better care of the home once it is paid off. This can lower the cost of your annual premium. Immediately after you pay off your mortgage, call the insurance agent to start saving.

Your neighborhood might have gone through changes that can cut your insurance premiums. Your rates can be lowered if you live near a fire station or have a fire hydrant within 100 feet of your home. Find out new things going on in your area, and point out any changes to the insurance company.

If you want to remodel your home, find out how these changes will impact your insurance. Extensions or extra rooms will end up costing you more money on your policy. Wood will add to your policy costs more than steel and cement, since it is vulnerable to fire and weather.

If you can, pay off your house and you can save money. When you own your home, your insurance company assumes you will take better care of it. That's why a lot of companies offer those people lower premiums. After you have paid your mortgage completely, call your insurance company.

Having an alarm system or home security system will lower your landlord insurance premiums. Such systems are often quite inexpensive, and they offer substantial peace of mind to homeowners.

Setting up a security network around the home is advised if you are considering landlord insurance. Doing this could reduce the annual premium you pay by more than 5 percent! Just be sure that you are connected to a central station so everything will be documented.

If you reside in an area that is at risk for flooding or mudslides, consider looking into supplemental flood insurance. You need to protect your home from mud slides and floods through policies provided by the federal government, because your insurance company is not likely to offer this coverage.

Many insurance companies offer homeowner discounts for non-smokers. You'll need to make sure visitors don't smoke when they come over. A lot of insurance companies can provide this discount, but you'll need to ask for it. This will allow you to save back about 5 or 15 percent on your overall policy.

Make sure you choose a higher deductible to save on premium costs. When you get a higher deductible, it lowers the cost of your rates due to decreasing the cost of premiums that the insurance company needs to pay out. Although you'll have to pay for small repairs yourself, you will be saving enough on your premiums to offset those costs.

When landlord insurance is concerned, make sure it is sufficient to cover all the rebuilding costs of your home. Home construction costs usually go up. Remember this so if something does happen, you will not be short of the money needed to rebuild. You want to be proactive in this instance.

Insurance is vital for anyone who plans to own a home. Selecting a good policy is extremely important, and you now have more information that will aid you in this decision process. Don't think of your insurance policy as a waste of money. Instead, understand that it is a way to save money if you ever lose valuable items due to a number of reasons.

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