Top 6 tips to keep your carpet clean

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A carpet is one of the most important accessories of your living room. The warmth of a new carpet when it comes under your feet is delightful. But to make them feel like that on a long run is a difficult task. It requires a certain amount of maintenance and your attention to make them look shiny, clean and warm. Here, we have some useful tips that will help you in maintaining in keeping your carpet life on longer run.

1. Vacuum Clean : Carpet care rochester recommends that regularly vacuum clean your carpet. The dust settled on the carpet is not easy to clean and difference could be noticed once you clean it. It will be bright and dust free right after you are done with vacuum. Also, doing so will keep those tiny particles away which can cause allergies especially to children.

2. Clean of dark stains immediately : This is something that should be done instantly. If any sort of stain for e.g. food curries, colas, coffee, melted chocolate spills on your carpet, remove it as soon as possible. Once that is done use a detergent based cleaner which is advisable for carpet cleaning. Just don’t let the dry on the carpet.

3. Keep it for drying if water spills : If water spills put it away for drying or else the moisture caused by the water or any other form of liquid can lead to smelling and permanent damage to the carpet. Further they could also cause discoloration if kept unattended a long time period. After all we all are well versed with after effects of moisture on cloth material if kept ignored.

4. Use carpet fresheners : Use recommended carpet freshener. These fresheners help the carpet to resist absorbing foul smell cause by shoes or feet and try keeping the fresh smell intact in it.

5. Use carpet rugs : For a longer run always use carpet rugs. They help in minimizing the amount of dust reaching the carpets. It basically cleans the major part of dust there itself and the carpet remains safe from dust. These particularly help where the sole of the footwear has lots of cavities in it.

6. Get it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner year : Carpet cleaning rochester recommend that get your carpet is cleaned by professionals on yearly basis. After all even they require a bit of professional attention that helps them in keeping them fresh as a new.

Well follow the above rules and keep your carpets clean & fresh forever. Rochester Carpet Cleaner’s Clean Rite Floor Care Services is a known name in this industry. To get more info on carpet care, call us now & books an appointment!!!!

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