Trouble Free and Profitable Transaction in Selling A Home Portland

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Do you happen to live in Portland, Oregon and do you feel exhausted on “how to sell my house”? You have an excellent and experienced professional with you, who will carry on the entire process without charging any fees or any hidden amount. PDX Renovations Oregon is an established company in remodelling and renovation of houses successfully.We buy houses in and around Portland Metro area, renovate them and resell them. PDX renovations is a licensed residential contractor in Oregon with more than 20 years experience in buying single family houses, duplexes, townhomes, condos, lots and land. We are not real estate agents. We are remodelling and renovation people. Since we buy ugly houses you can sell your house “as it is”, whether it is old, demolished, ugly, small, big, not in proper condition, burned, has been built under violations, has liens, condemned or in foreclosure. If you are clever and act fast you can save the house from foreclosure. We will deal with the lenders and can stop foreclosure proceedings. You do not need to do any repairs. We can do all necessary repairs and it is easy for us since we are licensed for that. Of course we buy houses to remodel and to resell. After you let us know your decision of selling your home Portland either through our questionnaire form in our website or through phone , we have enough details with us regarding your property. Our representative will meet you within 24 hours with our offer. As the first thing, we do evaluate the property, find out what works are to be done, estimate cost for repairing and then arrive at the cash offer. You are under no obligation to accept the offer. In case you go with us accepting our offer, which will be the best in industry we are sure, you need not worry anymore about the selling process. We do the paperwork, offer you the accepted price, safeguard you against strangers entering and inspecting your home, and let you close the deal as per your convenience. Within one week period you will be relieved of your burden. If you are in emergency, we can close the deal within three days. The only thing you need to do is to move out with anything you want. Our offer is the highest in the marketplace. We have very good satisfied clients who are readily referring us to others. We understand your feelings and try to be helpful to the maximum extent possible. For a profitable and trouble free experience contact PDX Renovations to sell home Portland . Just visit us at contact 503-317-3969 to sell home in Portland.

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