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When you have your dream clear in your mind and you pursue it in the right way, the universe will send you incredible aid through meaningful coincidences. Occasionally you could have only one possibility to receive such aid. That's why you should be ready.

Coincidences are unforeseen, unforced, and happen all the time. For instance, on a Monday morning, a colleague wears the very same sweater as you do. Or, you're flying to the Bermudas alongside a person who has the same last name as you. These are coincidences however they mean absolutely nothing. Here's why:

In order for a coincidence to be purposeful, it should correspond to something you wish. When this happens, you feel a jolt in body. You then understand in your bones that the universe has sent you unforeseen help.

There are five rules you should follow when you look for support form the universe to meet your dreams. Follow them and you'll be able to make use of a meaningful coincidence each time it happens, understanding that you are on the right track.

1. Know exactly what you prefer. Always keep your dream alive and understand the needs you are looking for to fulfill.

3. Do your component and don't cheat. Do your best to walk the course that gets you closer to your dream, as you complete your activities one at a time. Don't try to control or oblige the result. Don't cheat and don't do damaging things to fulfill your desire. The outcome will appear when the time is right. This is called timing.

3. Collaborate with the universe. Be open to assist that comes when you least anticipate it. Don't battle it. Accept aid from the universe in whatever form it comes and proceed.

4. Rely on timing. Timing occurs spontaneously. You have no control over it. You can easily control only your actions to accomplish your goals, until they "grow" and militarize results.

5. Rely on your gut feeling. Reply to a purposeful coincidence just if it feels right. Do not compromise your values and don't place yourself in jeopardy. If something about a coincidence "feels funny", pass it up.

Movies with Lessons on Meaningful Coincidences

Right here's a list of movies that show how coincidences could alter our lives permanently. Pick a movie from this list and view it alone or with buddies. As you enjoy it, think about the questions that follow below. For more info on how to change your life in 12 weeks utilizing lessons from popular movies, go to www.reelfulfilment.com.

1. "Sidewalks of New york city" is a story about a team of New Yorkers in search of romance. Coincidences keep occurring that bring them closer to their dreams, just to reveal us that love is feasible if we let the universe deliver it our method.

2. "Happenstance" is set in Paris as the story of Irene, a hopelessly romantic sales clerk who encounters a young man on the Metro. As soon as she sees him, it's love at first sight. However fate keeps them from meeting again, until the universe brings them together with a magical coincidence.

3. "Amores Perros" is a gritty, merciless story about the power of coincidences to mark our lives when we least expect it. Set in Mexico City, it's an effective portrait about the complexity of life and the power of the universe to influence the outcome of our actions no matter our conscious intentions. Care: Contains intense scenes and dog battles. Do not see it if you are too delicate seeing pets suffer.

4. "The Princess and The Warrior" is a very unusual story unfolding in Germany. A coincidence combines a psychiatric nurse and her true love, who is a criminal on the run. That moment marks both their lives and triggers their journey to satisfying each other's deepest desires: to be comprehended, accepted and liked.
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