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Approach to the Madness: The Science of Bartending

Before you jump into mixing increase drinks eBartenderTraining wants to ensure you view the method behind allowing the drinks. Though a great bartender causes it to be look as elementary as liquor and blend - it’s not, it’s a science. This is often why bartenders call their trade mixology; The Science of Mixing.

Online Bartending School - First and foremost there are a few rules that should be followed. In the event the rim of your glass is to be salted or sugared you need to ensure you try this first. You then add ice - more on this later. Once iced you add some liquor. This might be from ¼ of an ounce to 3 ounces of just one or many liquors - Generally of thumb you shouldn't make drinks using more than 3 ounces of alcohol total, many jurisdictions may have laws about the amount of alcohol allowed before a single person at once. Following the alcohol has been added you would add the mix; this could be cola, soda water, water, juice, etc. When the drink calls for it you would then float - the entire process of slowly pouring some liquor or juices over the drink. Finally, to complete that coffee from you would add the garnish.

Now that you comprehend the simple measures, we are going to go a bit deeper. Drinks can be produced in five other ways; Built, Stir and Strain, Shake and Pour, Shake and Strain, or Blended.

Built drinks are built the same manner the steps above indicate. You would consider the glass, rim it as required, add ice if necessary, add alcohol, add mix, and finish with garnish.

Stir and Strain drinks are made slightly different. If needed you'll rim the glass and hang up it aside. You would then require a shaker cup and add ice, then alcohol, then mix if there is any. After adding the components together you'd take your long metal bar spoon and stir your ingredients together. Once stirred, you fasten a strainer towards the shaker cup and pour the contents into glass and finished that coffee with the addition of the garnish.

Shake and Strain come in the very same directions as ‘stir and strain’ however when you’ve added every one of the ingredients together you would then close your shaker cup and give the contents a vigorous shake for roughly 10-seconds. Shaking the components mixes it all up and permits the ice to sit back the contents completely. When shaking is done, fasten a strainer up from the shaker cup, pour contents into the glass and finished with the help of the garnish.

Shake and Pour drinks are made exactly as ‘shake and strain’ except rather than adding a strainer before pouring the valuables in the shaker cup, you'd pour the contents straight from the shaker to the glass. Obviously, finish with the help of the garnish.

Blended drinks are manufactured by similarly as above; Rim the glass first, then begin making that coffee. Now rather than adding ice and ingredients right into a shaker cup, you would add them right to the blender in the bar. Once things are added, turn the blender on - ensure the lid is on or you’ll have a nice mess to clean up - and after blending for ten or twenty seconds, pour the contents in to the glass, and finish by adding the garnish.

Continue your bartender training by reading more eBartenderTraining articles. If you’ve enjoyed this article and found it useful please comment and share it along with your friends!

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