Benefits of Diabetic shoes

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We have a fast paced life and so we tend to neglect our health in this run. Diabetes is a common problem that we are seeing nowadays and as stated by World health organization it stands at the 7th place in list of causes of death. Diabetes leads to many other problems, one of them being foot problems.

How diabetes causes foot problems?

NDIC (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse) stated that, High blood glucose from diabetes causes two problems that can hurt your feet:

•Nerve damage: One problem is damage to nerves in your legs and feet. With damaged nerves, you might not feel pain, heat, or cold in your legs and feet. A sore or cut on your foot may get worse because you do not know it is there. This lack of feeling is caused by nerve damage, also called diabetic neuropathy. Nerve damage can lead to a sore or an infection.

• Poor blood flow:The second problem happens when not enough blood flows to your legs and feet. Poor blood flow makes it hard for a sore or infection to heal. This problem is called peripheral vascular disease, also called PVD. Smoking when you have diabetes makes blood flow problems much worse.

So a special care for the foot has to be taken by the patient. That’s where diabetic shoes come into picture. These are special shoes that made for people suffering from diabetes. An ill fitted shoe can worse the conditions mentioned above. A diabetic shoe on the other hand is therapeutic footwear that prevents you from following after effects,

•Prevents from Accidental Injuries : One of the implications that diabetes has that it numbs your foot. At times an injury has taken place but you remain unaware about it because of the numbness. Well an injury like such if kept unattended can cause more complications. Wearing these diabetic shoes will protect you from such mishaps.

• Helps Blood Circulation. A diabetic patient experiences poor blood circulation in their feet caused due to tight or ill fitted shoes. These shoes will fit correctly since they are specifically designed for individuals with diabetes. Other added benefits are better support, more comfort, and durability. In addition, diabetic shoes allow the feet to breathe.

• Prevent from Foot Ulcers. These are common problems that can occur if one doesn’t wear diabetic shoe. The constant rubbing of shoes with your feet can cause discomfort and lead to foot ulcers which are extremely painful. This is an infection and can turn really bad.

Cases have been registered where the diabetic patient even has to undergo amputation because of these infections. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all prevention is better than cure. PW Minor is a reputed shoe maker firm which excels in designing and manufacturing such therapeutic diabetic shoes. For more details kindly visit our store!!!!!

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