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Most patients elect The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center to have rhinoplasty surgery because they feel their nose is out of balance in relation to their other facial features. Specific reasons as to why patients desire rhinoplasty surgery include presence of a dorsal hump, wide nose, droopy nasal tip, and boxy or bulbous tip. Other common reasons for rhinoplasty are to correct a nasal fracture (broken nose) or to revise a previous rhinoplasty. Patients who have suffered a nasal fracture (broken nose) have weakened cartilage and bones, which cause the nose to be crooked and naturally these individuals would like this corrected to their pre-injury state. Additionally, some patients have a deviated nasal septum from the nasal fracture. Many patients seek rhinoplasty at the Seattle Rhinoplasty Center due to the experience of Dr. Portuese and his staff. For over 18 years Dr William Portuese has been performing Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Seattle . If you are considering for rhinoplasty seattle reviews contact Seattle plastic surgeon William A. Portuese. For more Information on Rhinoplasty or Information on Nose Surgery please visit :

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