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The power of social media to boost your website's (or blog's) authority in terms of traffic and revenue is simply phenomenal. They say that a website which makes it to the front page of popular social media websites such as Digg or gets a lot of votes on Stumbleupon can attract millions of visits in a short span of time. What is there in these sites that make them such as hot favorite? Some basic research will astonishingly reveal that a majority of them contain content that has the following

1. Humor - Most of the websites draw upon humor and general entertaining stuff. This humor is employed in a way which elevates the level of content to a different place altogether.

2. Concise and easy to comprehend - A majority of them have been written in as simple a manner as possible for this makes it easy for a larger number of users to understand what is being talked about in the Best Lists

3. 'A picture is worth a thousand words' - You will find that interesting pictures seem to be a popular staple of social media addicts. Pictures take a matter of seconds to convey the same message that a tediously long article would take.

These are just three aspects of content that has the power to bring limitless link love and traffic to your website. The question is how can you create such content.

Creating Top Lists

Forget pictures, forget creative writing and forget interesting videos. These are rare skills and therefore, few websites manage to make it big solely on these characters. Creating a list is perhaps the simplest way of incorporating the traits mentioned above in your articles. Lists are simple to understand, they can be pimped with interesting images and you can improve readership by attributing supportive resources to them.

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