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They call me Deshawn and I originate from Mississippi in the US - I am a student majoring in Psychology and also I run a site about Producing Colloidal Silver, and other alternative medicine related topics.
A colloidal silver machine is needed if you want to make homemade colloidal silver and you can use it to treat conditions like lyme disease, ringworm and dermatitis. Colloidal silver is electrically set-apart silver that is advanced and dependable silver for intake by humans.
Distilled water suspension and electrolysis are what makes the silver ions and tiny silver dust. The immune system grows tougher by this concoction, so by consuming this we will not be as sick. Viruses, bacteria ,and fungi cannot survive the strong antibiotic colloidal silver.
Unlike some antibiotics, which can render injury to the liver and kidneys, colloidal silver is not dangerous. People to help battle infections without worry of harm can consume colloidal silver. This kind of silver should not be connected with other silver supplements, which incorporate chemical and mechanically produced silver dust or powder.
This silver is created by use of a colloidal silver generator and distilled aqua. It can be constructed at home. This is a healthy mineral for the body, however if too much of the silver dust is taken a condition called Argyria, or "grayish skin" can come.

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