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A common surgical weight loss procedure is gastric bypass. In a gastric bypass procedure the stomach lining is stapled so that the individual will have need to intake less calories in order to be full. After this procedure, the patient will see significant weight loss occur right away. However not all patients are eligible for a gastric bypass because it may be too large of a procedure for the individual’s body to endure. In such cases, a sleeve gastrecomy is suggested. Sleeve gastrectomies are also called gastric sleeve procedures.

During a sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is reduced by 25% of its original size. The way the surgeon does this is by surgically removing a large portion of the stomach. The open edges are then attached together to form a sleeve or tube that permanently reduces the size o the stomach. In order to qualify for the procedure, the individual has to be extremely obese with a body mass index of 40 or more. Gastric sleeve procedures are less severe than gastric bypasses. Usually a sleeve procedure will be followed by a gastric bypass after the patient has had time to cope with the surgery but still has not seen the weight loss they desired. After a sleeve gastreconomy, the patient tends to lose a large portion of their excess weight alone but if the individual sees a plateau in the weight loss, the second step is taken.

Gastric sleeve in Seattle is for patients that are not extremely obese; sleeve gastrectomy alone is a viable option with minimum risks. After the procedure, patients will see a decrease in appetite as their stomach is reduced to an average size of 15 mL. Along with the appetite suppressant and proper nutrition with mild exercise, patients are able to reach their optimal weight without the second step of a gastric bypass which is more invasive.

To Know More About Gastric sleeve in Seattle - [ClickHere] Sleeve gastrectomy costs are additionally lower than a gastric bypass procedure since it is less surgical and less evasive with shorter recovery time. If a patient is looking to conduct the procedure just to maintain proper health than this is the one to choose. The patient will receive the same benefits without having to resort to more drastic measures. Of course either procedure will benefit the individual in the long run only if the patient maintains proper nutrition and subscribes to routine exercise. Without these two things then it is hard to quantify long term benefits.

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