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Aus Bildungsstreik 2009

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Everyone who loves electronic disco music knows who is DJElectro. Dj Eric Romano is practicaly inventor od electronic disco music and populator of this ecclectic music style. He is Spanish native, who has become very popular as very young DJ,taking part in most influential electronic disco music festivals, such as Dutch Ade Festival, that takes place in Amsterdam and Spanish Sonar Festival that happens every year all over the world. DJ Electro has over last years taken important part in other electronic dance music festival all over the world. His performances are always joy for audience, weather its open space location, club under the clear summer sky, or if he is performing in busy night club.

dj electro is very important on electronic dance music scene, which is proved with his judge role in important competitions of aspiring new DJ's one of which has been " Dj SPS 2012".

One of most important reasons for his ultimate success if probably his continuous development and need for change. Not only does he constantly performs all over the world, but he fruitfully creates new and new tracks. His stardom is obvious when one considers the fact that he got rights to create mixes of most listened songs performedby such stars as Linkin Park-he recently created mix of their big hit Lost in the echo .

Eric Romano is creative DJ that constantly creates and engages in new projects. One of latest involves his own radio show that will provide his fans with completely new approach to this versatile musician as he promises to give his listeners something new and interesting with every show.

DJ Romano can be listened on most important electronic disco music festivals that happen throughout the year all over the world. No matter where you live, you can get chance to listen him perform his magic alive. On his official website you can find fresh info about his performances throughout this year, and beyond. Additionally, you can find many interesting info about his career and future plans. As another proof of his devotion to details and upgrading, one can enjoy in his latest music videos and mixes. Anything on the web site is available on androids, so you can enjoy his great electronic disco creations directly from your iPhone. New releases are available for free download which is another great info for DJ Romano fans. Additionally, he is present on facebook, twitter and other social media, so fans don't get neglected in any form of information flow.

His fans will probably prepare to take part in this year's ADE Festival that will take place in October, during five high-charged electronic disco music nights in most popular night clubs all around Amsterdam, as he has taken part in festival last year and created awesome mix from the performance. This is really great music mix that one might enjoy over and over again.

As his facebook profile indicates, his last memorable performance was in Marbella, but we are sure there is much more to be reported as soon as the public profil is updated. Can't wait to hear!

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