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The Gift of Faith - And How This Can Benefit You

As born-again believers in the Lord, one thing that everyone need to have is a certain amount of faith in the Lord. With no trust in the Lord, we will not have the ability to connect to Him.

The Bible actually informs us that we are all given a particular "measure" of faith so that we can have the ball rolling with the Lord. And then as you continue to grow within your personal connection with the Lord, and you start to surge in your knowledge levels of the Lord and each of His ways, your faith will quickly grow.

However, there may come a moment in your life in which suddenly the Lord might ask you to take action that will be out of your safe place. When that takes place, you will feel that you may not have sufficient faith as well as trust to do what He's wanting you to complete.

You might be walking past a property that recently caught on fire, and God may ask you to run inside and help save a kid who may be caught in there. If that should actually happen to you, you may believe that your faith levels aren't going to be adequate or even high enough to trust in precisely what He is asking you to do because you haven't done anything similar to this previously.

If this will ever occur to any of you, know that there's a gift of the Holy Spirit that may be provided to you right there at that moment that will let you get into that burning house and save that child's life. And that gift will be the gift of faith.

This gift of faith will be arriving direct from the Holy Spirit. It will not be your personal limited faith, it will be the faith of the Holy Spirit Himself that will rise up in you and then give you the total faith and belief so that you can make this happen for the Lord.

Often our personal faith levels won't be sufficiently good to complete the job with the Lord. Worry not to mention major panic might set in, which will prevent us from even wanting to give something similar to this a shot. However when you feel the faith as well as the boldness of the Holy Spirit rise up within you, you'll possess the faith, courage and boldness to do what God is asking you to perform for Him.

And sometimes this is often how big magic are brought down from heaven, by operating on bigger amounts of faith that can come direct coming from the Holy Spirit Himself.

In case any of you find yourself getting caught up in a minute where you are extremely weakened and too frightened to take steps specific for the Lord, and you don't believe you've got sufficient faith to complete what the Lord is asking you to do, just go to Him in prayer and ask Him to release this gift of faith up within you through His Holy Spirit among His 9 gifts.

When you do, He will then allow the Holy Spirit to get this done for you. Once He does, you will then get more than enough faith, boldness as well as bravery to accomplish the task that God is asking you to do for Him.

It is a different one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit that is one major life saver as explained in the above situation.

Article written by Cherry, hope you like this article and here are 2 more that i have just currently read and liked famous bible verses and rose of sharon bible meaning.

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