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Only recently hitting the US market, BB Cream appears to be pretty much a good thing since sliced bread. The facts though?

In short, it is a combination of a lot of great stuff that you want on the skin. They contain anti-aging and anti-acne stuff, and allow your face look natural by acting as a foundation, concealer, and moisturizer, all in one! For many people who are on the move and skimp on their morning routines sometimes, they're ideal for drastically cutting time you need to spend.

BB Creams also contain sun-protection, preventing you against having to apply sun-protection. Their application leaves your skin looking natural, so nobody really knows that you've got all these excellent achievements happening together with your skin.

etude bb cream

They do need to problems, however. First, the truth that they include moisturizers can lead individuals with oily skin away from them. I have some problems with the oiliness in my t zone area, but it is nothing major. If you have excessively oily skin, I'd try some at the makeup counter before buying it, simply to make sure that you don't feel greasy.

Second, and more importantly, I've not found them in dark tones. Have light skin? You will be happy. If you're darker like I am, however, you will have a hard (heck, impossible so far) time finding something that matches your skin. Once they do release dark toned bb creams, I will be throughout them, but until then I can't really rely on them without looking strange.

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