Green Cleaning For A Healthy Home Environment

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Clean and fresh looking carpets add beauty and majesty to the atmosphere than costly carpet material and its rich design. Carpet manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning of the carpets at least once in 12 months. Of course people at home use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets. However this is not enough and cannot be considered as thorough cleaning.

We, at Teddy Bear Carpet Care, are providing high quality service in Carpet , Upholstery and Tile cleaning services. We are successful in using eco friendly products in our profession of upholstery cleaning Portland. We are able to attain thorough cleaning to the maximum level ensuring safe and healthy environment.

We follow steam cleaning of carpets since most of the manufacturers recommend it for their products. It becomes very much essential to keep up the warranty of the carpets to do regular steam cleaning of them.

Our Carpet Cleaning Portland Process: Steam cleaning otherwise known as hot water extraction is beneficial to the fibers of the carpets since this method cleans, freshens and keeps up the natural quality without damaging it in anyway.

As the first step in carpet cleaning Portland, we evaluate the entire work and have a consultation with the client. For this the client has to show the entire portion of the house to be cleaned. The next step is the removal of dry soil from the carpets. Since this involves vacuum cleaning of the carpets, clients are advised to do this one day prior to the arrival of the professional team to cut down time and cost. This is done selectively for those who are busy and need help. Then treatment of spots is carried through. Careful inspection of the carpet to identify the spots is done and they are treated with special care by applying the appropriate solution to eradicate the problems.

Now is the time to move furniture before actual cleaning. Placing furniture moving skids under their legs is the important thing done without failure to ensure the safety of the floor and of the furniture. Soil and spots are broken down by spraying of the entire carpet with cleaning solution and then carpet groomer is applied to further agitate them so that they get loosen. Now, Carpets are rinsed and extracted with the help of cleaning wand. This will remove all the dirt, soil and excess moisture and clean fresh carpet is ready.

Joe and Doris Muta couple, the best upholstery cleaner Portland , have more than 20 years experience in this field. Our professionalism combined with personal care has gained us a strong client base. Our passion in green cleaning has led us to obtain IICRC certification for our firm.

For a green cleaning and for keeping up healthy home environment Teddy Bear Carpet Care, also the leading Tile Cleaning Portland , is the correct choice.

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