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Pricing most products is very easy.

Determine how much it costs to really make the

item, just how much it costs to advertise that item,

and then draw it up by 15 30 % or even more.

Simple, right? Well, pricing diamonds isnt

Really that simple. There are lots of aspects

that are considered when diamonds are


Stone costs are determined first by

Putting the cost of the rough diamond, the

cost of cutting the stone, and other

costs essential to change the rough diamond

into a marketable diamond. Depending on

The significance of the diamond, an

independent company might be called directly into

certify the standard of the stone based on

color, cut, clarity, and weight.

Now, the stone becomes more

High priced every time it changes hands, until

Where the cost is, it eventually reaches a retailer

Lifted a little more. Before attaining the

Dealer, but, the stone must journey

from the mine, to the polisher and cutter, to

the independent grading organization, and

then to the market. Once it has

reached the primary market, it'll be

Bought by diamond merchants and

wholesalers, and from there it'll be offered

to stores.

As you can see, the earlier you can purchase

a diamond in the process, the lower the price

of the diamond is likely to be however, not the value.

The worthiness is dependant on what the diamond may

Provide for available in the market place through a retailer.

If you own a diamond, and you have no idea

how much it's worth, you'll have it

Evaluated, however the appraisal might not be

Correct. You will be better off receiving a

Certification through GIA Gemological Institute

of America. With the data on this

Document, you should use a blades information to

accurately figure out what your stone is


There's also many stone price

calculators available. These can be found

on the several diamond retailers, and Internet

use these as well. You have to realize, however,

that one which just properly price a

Stone, with out a Diamond Grade Report,

You'll need to know a great deal about diamonds,

such as different reductions, clarity, color, and weight

and how every one of those elements enhances the

value of a diamond, or lowers the value of

As the case the diamond may be.

Again, you'll be better off if you get a

Diamond Grading Report on the stone,

and use the price to be looked up by that information

In another of the courses that the diamond cutting

industry uses. This may give the most to you

Correct value of the diamond in your

possession, or of the stone you're

considering buying.

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