How to Sell Your Website Templates - 4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Website Designs

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Want to know how to sell your website templates online? At first I was intimidated and confused on where to begin. Also I've been having some doubts on selling web design templates because I didn't have any formal background on design.

First, if you want something done, then you should just do it! Doubts are normal but don't let them paralyze you. Let's take a look at the 4 easy steps on how to sell your website templates .

Follow Design Tutorials

You don't really need to have a formal background on design but you definitely need to learn at least the basics or else nobody would buy your design. I followed every Photoshop tutorial on how to design website layouts and read a lot of design theory. At first it was really tough but I just finished one tutorial at a time and learned how to use Photoshop. I also analyzed why some layouts are more attractive than others.

Start Designing

After you feel comfortable with the tutorials, it's time to start designing your first template . I don't know about you but I'm really a sucker for corporate styled websites. A lot of people including myself sometimes find it hard to stare at a blank screen, so I would suggest that you sketch out your design before firing up your graphics design program.

Convert Design into HTML

Once your design is finished, it's time to slice your design and convert it into HTML and CSS. Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in your website's layout and never ever use table tags for them. Test your design in all of the major browsers to spot and fix layout issues.

Sell Your Template

I auctioned my first website template over at Template Forest 's Marketplace. They have a section where you can auction your website template for a small fee of $5. Browse around the marketplace so you can get a feel of how much they charge for a unique design. I sold my first template for $150 with 10-12 hours of work. You can also look at other marketplaces to submit your design.

Selling website templates can be profitable but I opted to setup my own Internet marketing business. Be careful though because this business makes it hard for you to find and focus on the right information.

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