Improve Indoor Air Quality By Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning

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According to scientific research, carpets are one of the major reason for poor air quality inside the house. They play an important role in spreading the allergens by trapping them in their fibers. Survey conducted by IICRC revealed the fact that 90% of homeowners feel that their family health depends mostly on the cleanliness of their floors. The only solution for this problem is quality and regular cleaning of carpets, upholstery and tiles or stone.

Teddy Bear Carpet Care, the best carpet cleaners Portland, improves the indoor air quality by providing high quality professional service in Carpet, Upholstery and Tile cleaning services.

Heavy traffic, normal wear and tear, children and pets cause stains and spots in carpets and get dirty in general, apart from trapping the dust and dirt of the atmosphere. Carpets, even though regularly cleaned by vacuum cleaners, lose their freshness and look dull. Only professional carpet cleaning Portland will keep the carpets fresh and clean. This will ensure the longevity of the carpets and eliminates the need for purchasing a new one.

Carpet manufacturers have recommended that carpets that undergo heavy traffic need to be cleaned professionally once in 12 months. Homes that have pets and homes with inmates having respiratory troubles can do these cleaning sooner than the 12 month period. Regular cleaning completely eradicates the possibility of mold growth since household soil is the major cause for it.

IICRC [Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification] has framed certain guidelines for the consumers to follow while selecting the right professionals in carpet cleaning service Portland. Professional people do not charge low price for their services. Beware of the low priced people who will most probably end with providing low quality of service. All the employees must be well trained professionals with adequate knowledge in science, health and cleanliness. Consumers have the right to know about the training of the employees in their field. Moreover, consumers can ensure whether the company have proper license and relevant certifications in their industry. They can also verify what kind of products they will be using and their methodology of work, etc., Most important is their experience. Number of years and number of clients with good reviews and references - everything counts a lot before allowing them inside the house.

Teddy Bear Carpet Care, carpet cleaner Portland is an expert in stream cleaning of carpets. The products we use are biodegradable, plant based products which are based on the environmental guidelines of EPA. Our friendly nature, professionalism and our care for environment have earned us numerous satisfied clients in Portland metro area.

We, Joe and Doris Muta, with our great passion in the carpet cleaning Portland profession, strive hard to keep clean and healthy home environment in and around Portland Metro area. From 1991, we are serving Portland people through our Teddy Bear Carpet Care company which is properly licensed and IICRC certified.

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