InoxENG make stainless steel and aluminium railings for your bathroom

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The novelgenuine concept for the creation of the company is to fill the missing part of stainless steel shoring on the market in the Haskovo region. InoxENG becomes the sole importer of stainless steel shoring for the region. The expansion of activities happens very fast and follows the requirements of the market. Now besides stainless steel shoring, the company has become an importer of high strength shoring and self-tapping screws, stainless sheet metal and profiles.

In 2007 InoxENG activities expanded. Besides trading, it also starts manufacturing activity. Originally, the production is related to the design, construction and installation of stainless steel railings. Consequently the company begins theproduction of tables, sinks, shelves, doors and fences made of stainless steel. It also starts the manufacturing of aluminum railings, as well as railings from wrought iron.

The mission of our company is to be completely orientated to the customers and their needs, offering simple and efficient, high quality and excellent technical characteristics of the products and services the company offers. Name, which inspires trust!

High quality of all our products and items Creating innovative products and solutions and continuous improvement of the existing ones Accuracy and precision in the manufacturing process and quality control Conservation and respect to the surrounding environment

The quality policy of Inox Engineering is constantly striving to develop and expand the volume of its trade and production activities, increase the professionalism of staff and provide customers with products and high quality services that meet their requirements and expectations.

Inox Engineering is certified in accordance with quality standards ISO 9001:2008 by URS, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. The introduced quality system ensures traceability and strict control of all processes from the initial request to the installation of the product or the provided engineering services .

The shop of Inox Engineering is located on Samuil 2 str.

The shop offers:

Stainless and galvanized shoring Construction attachments Abrasive materials Stainless steel wire brushes The production facility and the warehouse are located in the southern industrial zone

There you can find:

Stainless steel sheet metal Stainless steel tubes Production of stainless steel railings combination with wood combination with glass

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