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It may seem that whenever financial resources are tight that the best option is always to source a previously owned table saw. During times of recession people often find the most cost effective alternative especially when you are looking at woodworking equipment. If cash is short then you may be considering a used table saw as opposed to buying a brand new one. Individuals will often analyze price in relation to getting a table saw and choose a used table saw. You may feel it to be a good option. Please re-examine, I have been previously down this route and it is a minefield.

I recommend that you to think long and hard before parting with your cash and buying a used table saw.

If you really cannot beat the temptation to by secondhand then at least follow my pointers and ask the seller the following questions:

How many times a day so they use the saw and what materials do they cut?

Does the table saw look well looked after or has it been neglected?

How many years warranty does the saw have and has the seller had to use it?

Does it eat electricity?

Is the blade rusty and what materials have been cut with it?

Do they have any spare parts that they can throw into the sale?

Get the Seller to Also Respond To These Questions

Resist the urge to buy a used table saw off the internet without seeing it in person. How does the saw sound? Ask the seller for a wood off cut and try the saw out. Please do not rush into the sale, if you have any doubts walk away and remember you can pick up a new table saw under warranty for around $400, your safety is of the utmost importance.

If the used table saw is an older model remember that spare parts can be hard to source. Always remember to check these things out prior to buying your used table saw.

We all know that table saws are a big investment, Its important to make sure that you buy the right one for you. But let me tell you about my experience of buying a used table saw. It was not pleasant and something that I will never do again. Simply put I bought a piece of trash that was worthless.

Don't fall into the same trap that I did!

You have to question why someone is selling their table saw. After all it should be the main stay of any workshop. I learnt this to my annoyance. If you take into consideration the potential cost of buying all the spare parts for a used table saw it adds up to the cost of buying one brand new. A word of warning, the older the table saw, the more electricity it will use in general, the last thing you want is a sky high bill. So my number one rule is to always buy new, it will save you headaches in the long run.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hopefully I have saved you some cash. If I just saved you from parting with hard earned money then this article has been worth writing, I wish you all the best with your woodworking projects. If you want more information then visit

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