Keep Your Things Safe & Secure In Your Extended Home Maxi Space In Tacoma and Puyallup

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Sometimes you may have to accommodate several guests for considerable period but you are pressed with space. Or you may shift to smaller place temporarily and you don’t know what to do with your precious belongings. You neither want them to sell nor able to accommodate them with you. Maxi Space storage Tacoma is the people you have to contact and solve your problem easily.

Maxi Space Storage Solutions is a family business and are doing it from 1985. All their units Tacoma are reliable, safe and secure with utmost protection and convenience that they are almost your extended home. Most of them are available on monthly rental basis with separate electricity meters for each unit.

All our public storage Tacoma are highly secured places with CCTVs, door alarms, motion detectors, police monitored security systems and fire sprinklers that work automatically in case of accidental fires. Our friendly staff are most helpful to you and guide you with anything you want.

Storage units Tacoma are very much convenient with ample storage space in height and width. They are tall enough to accommodate heavy items. They are available in several sizes from 4’x3’, 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’ and 10’x20. All units are brightly lit and very cleanly maintained. You can access them 24 hours 7 days, anytime you wish. Shelves are provided in each storage unit to store fragile items below 35 lbs. Each storage units Puyallup can be easily accessible from seven outlets. They are sufficiently heated and climate controlled to protect your things from moisture and from becoming cold.

Pack your things equally in boxes of one or two sizes safely secured. Taking up photographs of your valuables before placing them in the public storage Tacoma is a good practice. When stacking the boxes, always put the least wanted items well behind the unit at inaccessible places and the most wanted items that you will require often in the front so that they are easily accessible. While using things in refrigerators, do not close them tightly. It is better to leave the door slightly ajar. In addition, soft packages are not good to place in between the boxes since they fill the space and cannot stack anything on them.

Maxi Space also offers car storage, RV storage, boat storage, mini storage, self-storage and public storage. Apart from offering storage spaces to individuals and families, Maxi Space offers warehouse space, retail space, paint booth, band practice space and auto body repair workshop space for business people. These are very useful for the small business people and the budding entrepreneurs.

Just visit us at to end your storage problem and call 855-247-8314 . Emergency Number: 253-444-3984; Toll Free Number: 1-855-215-Maxi (6294)

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