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We’ve provided responsive, quality heating and air conditioning services to thousands of customers since 1993. As a family-owned company, we respect the fact that clients are tired of contractors that establish “quick fixes” without providing long-term security or savings. When Kings is on the job, you can rest easy knowing that we only call a project complete when it fully satisfies our clients’ needs. Our goal is not only to provide superior heating and cooling seattle solutions, but to keep our customers happy. We are proud to offer: • 24 hour emergency service • Sales and installation of heating and air conditioning • Residential and commercial projects • Service for all makes, models and forms of heating, furnace & hvac systems • Indoor air quality systems hvac seattle • Available tax credits, manufactures and utility rebates We work on gas, oil and electric: • Furnaces • Air handlers • Heat pumps • Boilers • Hot water systems • Ductless systems • Water heaters • And more… Little things make a big difference; Kings pays attention to the little things. heating and air conditioning:

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