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Clean house reflects a healthy lifestyle. We all love to live in a clean and neat house with well arranged things. But it needs regular maintenance that demands considerable time and energy. In this busy world we don’t find time to do all these sorts things. But whether we have time or not, cleaning the house in regular manner becomes essential to keep our mind fresh and healthy. Nowadays, though we have cleaning services available, it is rare to find a service that is reliable and result oriented. However people living in West Seattle are lucky to have Ladonnas house cleaning services seattle.

Ladonnas seattle house cleaning is a licensed, insured and bonded service in greater Seattle area. We provide all types of cleaning service packages that fall under residential cleaning, commercial janitorial cleaning, real estate cleaning and special event cleaning. Our services are affordable, dedicated with personal touch. All our house cleaners Seattle are pre screened and checked thoroughly before including them in our concern. We train our cleaners in all aspects regarding selection of eco friendly cleaning products, efficient and effective cleaning process, customer service, courteous behaviour, good coordinated teamwork and overall work management.

The main difference between other house cleaning services Seattle and Ladonnas is the methodology we follow in sending the house cleaners to a house. We very well know the psychology of customers that you will like to have the same personnel every time when you call us for cleaning. We strive hard to maintain the cycle and we successfully manage to send the same house cleaner of your choice each and every time. With this arrangement you will be comfortable and be free with them.

All our house cleaners Seattle are completely well trained persons. We are specialists in cleaning houses, apartments and condominiums. We do very satisfied work in a customized manner. We do dust removal from ceilings, walls, corners, furnitures, floorings and on all personal belongings. In the kitchen we do clean counter tops, sinks, all types of ovens, appliances and in and out of the refrigerator. In the bathrooms, floors, toilets, and all bathroom fixtures will be cleaned. All floors will be hand washed and polished. All areas of the house including the baseboards are vacuumed and cleaned. Glass doors, windows, mirrors and monitor, tv screens everything will be cleared off dust and cleaned. On the whole with house cleaning seattle, your house will be spick and span without any dirt.

Apart from providing occasional cleaning services, we also provide maid service Seattle. Our rates are affordable. We arrive at the rate according to the size of the house and the time required to clean your house. You can decide after getting a free estimate from us.

Just visit us at and call (206) 781-8876 to get free estimate.

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