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It may seem far away, but Thailand is easy to reach and offers a culturally diverse and exciting option sunny second home to escape the British winter months.

Thailand is a popular destination for sports celebrity real estate kind of football, David Beckham and Sven Goran Eriksson both owning homes on the island of Koh Samui. Old England colleague and astute real estate investor Robbie Fowler may take some time from his career as a player-manager in Muang Thong United, the club based on the outskirts of Bangkok to snap up a house in one of the resorts of Thailand becoming increasingly popular. Villarenters Holiday Website reports that over the past five years, grew up there seven times, earning her a place in the top 10 places. They add that the property generating the highest level of occupancy is sometimes styled with local flavor - people are looking for something that feels authentic. So if you want to escape to somewhere exotic during the long winter months in the UK, which may also earn some income from the rental, there is a choice of centers and events to consider.


Thai mainland, Pattaya is one of the largest beach resorts in Asia and the second most visited city in Thailand (after Bangkok, 150 km north). The typical buyer in Pattaya is changing from single men made of nightlife, more families. In particular younger users are visiting Jomtien, a few kilometers, and who want to experience the floating market in Pattaya and other cultural events. Houses in Pattaya range value of 2 million baht to 50 million baht. Typical house 15 minutes from the city center will be three million baht, in complex with shared pool. Apartments run from less than 1 million baht all the way to penthouses over 80 million baht. You can buy a very nice apartment near the beach, from 1.2 million baht.

Meanwhile, across the Gulf of Thailand, 200 kilometers from Bangkok, is the oldest beach resort in the country, Hua Hin. Here, new residential and commercial buildings, as well as golf courses, attracting a growing number of buyers from Bangkok and from Europe - and now has a very large community of foreigners British. Forty-five minutes south of Hua Hin is a quiet beach of Kuiburi, where you can find boutique development with beach access, private infinity pool, jacuzzi and roof terrace. Before you run Posh and Becks Koh Samui, with your choice of five-star resorts, think about her little sister, Koh Phangan. Given that 70 percent of Koh Phangan is protected by the National Park, the island should always maintain its pristine charm. On the west coast, idyllic estate with infinity pools can be found in Baan Tai 15 million baht and Bay Residence, could take self-build project house near the beautiful bay Haad Salad plots starting from around £ 50,000. James Bond fans may prefer the home of Yao Noi Island in Phang Nga Bay, known as a place to stash the villain Scaramanga in "The Man with the Golden Gun.

With a bigger budget, you can consider natural Eden Yao Noi - 60 percent of the island is covered with forests - where one-bedroom villa will start at around £ 517,000, two-and three-bedroom options are available, with prices rising to £ 800,000 .

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