Run Off Diseases with Chemical Free Organic Skin Care Products

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Skin care products that we use in our day to day life are the real culprits constantly damaging our health seriously. The truth is shocking when we read the research reports from leading scientists. The only safety for the people is to use the ‘organic skin care product’.

Why Skin Care?

As we all know that skin protects our body as a shield, regulates the body temperature and produces good appearance. Taking care of skin is essential to maintain ourselves healthy in general. Otherwise we have to bear with unhealthy skin, which leads to further health complications, infections and diseases and to dull & old appearance.

Current Methods of Skin Care:

● First and foremost our skin needs moisture to survive. People use moisturizing creams and lotions to keep it safe from getting dry. ● Continual exposure with sun rays will damage our skin. For this, most of us use sunscreen lotions and creams. ● To keep our skin young and smooth, anti aging creams and lotions are in the market doing successful sales. ● Apart from the above, women apply numerous beauty products on their skin to enhance their appearance.

Are these ordinary skin care products really harmful?

Long term research has revealed the fact that the common chemicals used in the skin care products are very dangerous to our health leading to hormonal imbalances, headaches, hyperactivity, depression, allergies, fatigue and even cancer. Of course these ingredients are harmless if they are used in that exact amount and proportion, but prolonged usage definitely causes damages to our skin and to our health.

Ingredients used for fragrances, color pigments, foaming agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, antibacterial agents like Triclosan, Mineral oils, DMDM Hydantoin, Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol cause unwanted damages to our health.

Fragrances seriously affect our central nervous system and color pigments cause skin irritation and sensitivity. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate damage our immune system and cause inflammation of the skin. Mineral oil that is liberally used in all baby oils slows down cell development and closes the pores. The DMDM preservatives are the culprits for joint pain, headaches, allergies, chest pain, loss of sleep and dizziness. Triclosan used in most of the antibacterial soaps, toothpaste and lotions cause cancer.

What is Organic Skin Care Product?

The organic movement from 1990 is growing fast. By the end of 2020 almost all worldwide agriculture will turn into organic. organic skin care product means that all the ingredients used in the product are organic and they must be mixed as per the guidelines of the organic skin care blueprint from the Skin Care Authorities like US Agriculture Department and Australian Certified Organic.

The organic skin care product must not contain any colourings, flavourings, additives, artificial dyes, synthetic preservatives, synthetic surfactants, synthetic humectants, synthetic emulsifiers and synthetic emollients. While buying chemical free products do not satisfied 100% with the images. Only products that have been ‘Certified Organic’ are 100% natural and chemical free. For more information just

Organic Skin Care Product:

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