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If you are creating a high resource-swallowing web site with an ever-expanding number of visitors, hits and file downloads, but cannot afford a dedicated web server to cope with the increased load, then take a glimpse at our cost-effective OpenVZ VPS.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers an insulated shared hosting environment whereby the entire amount of CPU, RAM, hard drive space and bandwidth resources is allocated to you exclusively – as if you were hosted on a dedicated hosting web server.

When you order your UK OpenVZ VPS from AmbitiousHost, you are offered the option to choose between two state-of-the-art data center facilities – Steadfast in Chicago, USA, and Pulsant in London, United Kingdom, and we recommend you to choose the one closest to your location, so that you and your web site's visitors can be served quicker.

With AmbitiousHost's VPSs, you can pick an Operating System and install your own software (you are granted full root privileges). Also, you can restart your server at any given time, keep an eye on the resource usage and monitor your web traffic statistics in real time. You can choose between Virtuozzo & OpenVZ VPS hosting packages, and if you need support managing your virtual web hosting server, you can make use of the additional managed services provided by us.

With AmbitiousHost, you can get an OpenVZ virtual private server for as low as $18.00 a month. Each OpenVZ virtual private server is loaded with numerous free-of-charge bonuses and offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. You can also get our cost-free Hepsia web hosting CP, which is available with each OS – it enables you to host unlimited domain names and offers a lot of helpful tools, which will help you better administer your site and your VPS web hosting account.

The datacenter location exerts a big effect on the performance of your website. So, if your visitors come from the United Kingdom or from some other country in Europe, picking a UK data center for your Virtual Private Server can increase your site's speed substantially. With us, you can host your VPS server in one of the most popular data center facilities in Great Britain, which is situated several kilometers northwest of London. All our Virtuozzo and OpenVZ Virtual Private Server hosting packages feature an administration panel and charge-free reseller hosting tools. On top of that, you can pick between several OSs.

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